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VCAN V136 Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet Review – The Head Turner

VCAN V136 Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet is designed to provide optimum protection and comfort while riding a motorcycle. This helmet is uniquely designed for women motorcycle drivers, and has become very popular with women riders because of its cool design and appearance and the light materials that make it up. It has slight weight, which prevents fatigue on the neck and shoulders.

It is designed by VCAN, a well known manufacturer of sports items, especially helmets. Every year, VCAN produces around two million helmets which are distributed worldwide. The company offers other sports products at reasonable prices.

Main features list

  • The helmet comes with several features:
  • a full-faced street helmet which is approved by the DOT
  • A visor that can easily be adjusted and released
  • An anti-scratch material for the visor and glossy material for the outside of the helmet
  • A vent that can be opened on hot weather and closed when it I cold
  • An inner liner and ear pad that can be easily removed, washed and dried
  • Comfortable fit

Who is it best for?

The helmet is especially made for women. The light materials are intended to reduce the weight of the helmet. A heavy helmet can easily wreak havoc on women’s neck and shoulders. The beautiful design is a bonus since it is a head turner.

VCAN V136 Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet Pros

The Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet can perform efficiently as a protective gear and as an important accessory for a motorcycle driver. It is made of durable and glossy material that can easily withstand great impacts caused by crash, collision and falls. Its beautiful design also becomes attention-catching wherever one goes.  It is made of light materials to eliminate stress from the weight of the helmet. You can use this helmet in any type of weather because it has its own insulation. The details on it are eye catching and riders wearing it always get a second look by people as they pass by.

This light helmet makes it easy for women to wear them. They don’t easily get tired on the neck and on the shoulders. The ventilation allows them to open the helmet during summer when it is hot and close it during winter when the weather is cold. The inner lining and ear pads can be washed to remove dirt and odor. The thick pads on the lining make the helmet comfortable to wear. The design on the helmet is unique and people always take a second look at the wearer of the helmet.

Why you should buy it

This helmet is comfortable and highly affordable. The visor can easily be adjusted to suit the weather condition. It is also easy to clean. It fits snugly to the head.

VCAN V136 Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet – Final Verdict

This great helmet is easy and comfortable to use. It offers maximum protection for the head and face in case of accidents. With its affordable price, you will never regret purchasing it.

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