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MSR Racing Velocity Metal Mulisha Helmet

This is the black Metal Mulisha touring motorcycle helmet. It is part of the MSR Racing Velocity series.

A grim looking bone skull stares from the back of the black motorcycle helmet. This helmet is light weight precision molded and has a poly carbonate shell with molded in dome crests to increase the structural integrity – making the helmet more durable.

The motorbike helmet image graphics is of course high gloss and protected by an UV coated finish. Air inlets have on/pff air inlets and exhaust ports. They force cooling air through the helmet shells interior.

Safety approve by both D.O.T. and Snell. Helmet weight is only 3.15 lbs (1.43 kg).

Grim Reaper Beanie Skull Cap Motorcycle Half Helmet

Grim Reaper Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap by Daytona Helmets.

We are proud to present this new half helmet in black but still colorful Grim Reaper skull cap style. The image on the helmet features a grave yard with skulls, haunting full moon, a tree without leaves, gravestones and gives that special dark death touch of grim reaper.

This excellent motorcycle half helmet comes in three various shell sizes. That way it is guaranteed a proportionate fit (based upon helmet size). It also includes a draw string cloth bag.

Daytona Helmets is the helmet manufacturer. They have designed this motorbike helmet in a soft touch dull finish and it features a nylon Y-strap system.

All of the Federal and State D.O.T. certification standards are met – and even exceeded. This is one of the most small size half shell helmets ever made that meet the DOT standards. This motorcycle helmet has only 3/4 inch foam and 1/4 inch padding.

Grim Reaper half skull helmet is made of only the best materials available. By its low profile shell it eliminates the otherwise possible less good looking mushroom look.

This helmet gets its enhanced slim look from its recessed trim. The helmet interior is super comfortable by its fully lined custom form.

Of course it has an adjustable Y-strap. This half helmet in Grim Reaper stule is the motorcycle helmet of choice for you if you want to enjoy your ride while being provided the ultimate protection.

The Grim Reaper helmet helmet gives you the best comfort and style in a skull cap helmet. Buy this cool helmet and put some bare bone skulls on your skull. It ships for free with super saver shipping and is also available in gift wrap! A perfect gift to the tough macho rider.




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