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Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth already installed are becoming more and more popular among motorcycling enthusiasts everywhere. There is no better way to keep in contact with your passenger or your buddy on the bike next you than with Bluetooth headsets. In addition if you’re riding alone being able to pair the Bluetooth with your phone or a Zune player is a big plus.

One of the big reasons motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are becoming so popular is that it allows you to have an ongoing conversation your passenger. Let’s face it without a Bluetooth setup inside your helmet your passenger is going to have many mind numbing hours staring at the back of your helmet. Motorcycle helmets Bluetooth just make the ride all that much more pleasant.

Now I know if you already have a helmet you’ll be tempted to buy a kit so that you can retrofit it. This may seem like a good idea and it may actually work, but chances are you’ll find that is a bad fit with the receiver shifting and sometimes falling out. These kits are generally designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, which means it won’t fit all helmets correctly.

The motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth shown on this page are all highly rated receiving at least four stars from people that have actually bought them and use them. This means that you can rest assured that any Bluetooth helmet you see here has met the grade.

Ed Hardy Pink Helmet

Helmet manufacturer KBC has brought a new line of Ed Hardy helmets to the market. Typical of Ed Hardy designs, these helmets have awesome tattoo-like graphics and great colors! I’m a big Ed Hardy fan, so I find these helmets exciting and extremely fashionable, especially for us ladies!

The full-face helmets (as in the picture above) are made of a Powercore shell, and include a removable, washable liner. So not only will the helmet keep you safe, but it will also keep you extremely comfortable. In addition, these helmets offer good ventilation, an anti-fog faceshield, and a quick-release visor system.

For those who don’t know, KBC has been around for over 17 years and is the industry leader in private label helmets (such as the Ed Hardy collection). Do a Google search on KBC helmet reviews or ask friend who’s worn one and you’ll find almost all positive reviews. Though KBC may not be a household name, it certainly seems to hold its own against Arai and other big name manufacturers.

I am just excited to finally see a line of helmets that doesn’t compromise fashion for safety (though safety is most important). This line of Ed Hardy helmets definitely brings a more exciting option in headgear to the table.


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