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IV2 Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review – Your Ultimate Protector

To prevent yourself from incurring serious to fatal injuries in case of motorcycle accidents, IV2Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet will serve as your ultimate protector. Its hard outer surface will protect your head from possible impacts that can cause serious damage. Likewise, the padded inner part of the helmet serves as another protective layer for the head.

This helmet is produced by Ivolution Sports. Inc. This is a company whose major aim is to provide clients with high performing helmets that look great despite their low cost. The company’s owners personally supervise the production of these helmets and production is always under high quality control. This company’s number one concern is to produce items that will satisfy the customers to the fullest.

Price and main features list

This helmet is currently unavailable, however, rest assured that the amount you pay for the helmet and the shipping combined is still comparably lower to the price of other helmet brands. It has several features that make it excel over other brands. These features are as follows:

  • Most sophisticated Modular Dual Visor Adult Helmet
  • Can Easily converts from Full-face to Open-face by a flip of a button
  • Can easily be handled even with loved or moist hands
  • Has inner liner that can absorb great impact
  • Has inner liner that can absorb sweat well
  • Comfortable Inner Liner Absorbs Sweat

Who is it for?

It is very useful for motorcycle drivers because it provides excellent protection for the head and the face while driving.  It is durable and it fits the head properly. The soft inner lining provides comfort while the hard outer part is capable of overcoming hard impact.

Pros of helmet

The helmet is designed to absorb very strong impacts caused by motorcycle accidents such as a crash or collision. It is a very efficient protective gear which will save you from injuries that could maim you or take away your life. Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet will be very useful in protecting the head from being injures. With this type of helmet, you have outer and inner protection all the time. The helmet is also very popular because of its comfort and durability.

This Helmet provides the user comfort while enjoying optimum protection against any impact that can cause serious or fatal injury. A push of a button can make it cover the whole face or open it.  It can be easily be handled even when the hands have gloves or when the hands are wet.

Why you should buy it

It works efficiently as a protective gear. It is durable and reliable as well as reasonably priced. With this helmet, you will be far from getting serious or fatal injuries just in case you meet an accident. It protects you both from the wind, rain and the hot sun.


This great Helmet is affordable, user-friendly and is a sure protector for travelers who use motorcycles. It is one investment you need not only as money saver but also as an ultimate protector.


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