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HJC IS-MAX BT Full Face Modular Helmets – Is The Best Way To Communicate With Other Bikers

HJC IS-MAX BT Full Face Modular Helmet is a very comfortable full face modular helmet, which will allow you to easily communicate with others through its Bluetooth features, or listen to your choice of songs by streaming audio from an Mp3 player or your mobile phone. And it is DOT certified which insures ultimate safety.

It is shipped and sold by Leatherup, and it is manufactured by the great helmet manufacturer HJC, which has offices in china, US and Europe.

Price and main features list

It will cost you $188.99 after the discount, originally priced $209.99, so you could be saving $21 and it comes loaded with a lot of features like

  • Flipping face shield and chin holder.
  • High durability EPS liner.
  • The shell shape is aerodynamic in order to give more visibility.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes.
  • Dimensions are 16 X 14 X 12 inches
  • 7 pounds in weight.
  • 20 pounds in shipping weight.
  • Hard outer shell composed of advanced polycarbonates.
  • CAPA and DOT certified.
  • Built in blue-tooth functionality.

  • Smoked glass mini shield.
  • Easy to replace and remove retraceable visor

Who is it for?

For all of the people out there who would like to go on country trips on motorbikes and always faced the communication problem, as this helmet comes with a built in Blue-tooth functionality which can cover up to 500 meters, which is more than enough.

Pros of the helmet

The most important feature of the Helmet is the Bluetooth functionality, as this advantage by far what makes this helmet stands out, as this Bluetooth spec will help you talk to other riders, or listen to your favorite music from your mp3 or mobile phone while enjoying your ride, I certainly did.  And the process of setting it up is very easy and has clear instructions. Although it can get a bit un-clear when you are on the move, but it’s very clear when not driving, which is a big advantage, as this is way better than taking the helmet off and trying to get the mobile out of your pocket to answer a phone call. As for its range, it covers up to 500 meters which is 1,640 feet. And of course its variety of sizes which got 9 different sizes that ranges from Extra small to XX Large, which is dedicated to all the people out there with big heads, me included. And lastly, the built in inner smoked glass mini shield which also works as sunglasses, saves you the problems of trying to fit in sunglasses underneath your helmet.

Why you should buy it?

You got Safety as it is (DOT/EPE) certified, you got awesome communication functions through the Bluetooth feature and you have a variety of sizes, so you have all of these three features in this helmet, it’s an easy choice.


After reading the pros and cons and the features, you must now feel obligated to buy this helmet, as not buying it would be a crime against yourself, and be quick as there is only a few left in stock, grab your Helmet before it’s too late.

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