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HJC IS-16 Helmet Review – Is the US’s Number One Seller For A Reason

HJC IS-16 Helmet is one of the safest and most comfortable full face helmets available on the market. Users can take this home for a wallet-friendly price, and why would not you do it if I said that its great ventilation along with its other features and lightweight makes it the number one selling helmet in the United States of America.

As for the manufacturer of this great helmet, it is HJC, which is a leading exclusive motorcycle helmets manufacturer, whether it’s racing motorcycles or off road bikes, and this Helmet is Shipped and sold by Extrememot which is a HJC authorized dealer. It started in 1971 and it has been producing one of the best and most affordable helmets on the market since then.

Main features list

  • 5 pounds in weight.
  • 6 pounds in shipping weight.
  • Very light and easily fitting.
  • Strong polycarbonate shell to give it maximum durability.
  • Easy and secure shield removal and replacement.
  • Very aerodynamic and its shape helps with reducing the air turbulence.
  • Anti-scratch and anti fog face shield.
  • Insures 95% blockage of harmful Ultra violet radiations.
  • Easy retractable sunshield visor system.
  • Nylon strap retention system to secure the chin.
  • A perfect ventilation system, which consists of multi-stage vents.
  • The shield is easily washed and replaced.
  • Interior lined with antibacterial fabric to make it odor-free.
  • Built in pockets for communication speakers.
  • Breathe deflector.

Who is it best for?

Young bikers who are passionate about bike riding, who are looking for a safe and comfortable full face helmet that they can count on in the case of a crash.

HJC IS-16 Helmet ProsThe number one advantage of IS-16 that it is white, because this affects your visibility greatly, as it has been proved that white is the best color for high-viz gear, which is very much needed for motorbike riding. Another advantage is big space between the chin bar and your chin, as I always had problems with helmets concerning this issue. And of course, the built in pockets for the communication speakers is a great idea, as there are little holes which can be easily removed in order to put in the intercom or speaker, which isn’t available in most of not all helmets.

Why you should buy it?

The question is how could you not buy it? Together with all the features comes a few distinct advantages, and it’s the safest option to go with, because if you happen to be on a crash, this helmet will save your life, and you will buy another one right away, that’s how good it is.

HJC IS-16 Helmet – Final Verdict

A very easy call, buying IS-16 Helmet is the only option you have if you are shopping for a safe yet comfortable full face helmet with a good price; it is not the number one seller in the United States of America for nothing.

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