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Hawk Gloss Black Advanced Dual Visor Face Helmet Review – Is The Most Economical Choice

Hawk Gloss Black Advanced Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is a flip up motorcycle helmet. Packed with features which make it compete with the top helmets in the industry, this helmet comes at a wallet-friendly price, however, its quality and features make it equivalent to helmets that costs triple its price, while meeting the DOT standards and regulations.

It is a very sophisticated and comfortable helmet as it has inner padding to comfort your face, so it doesn’t do as most helmets do, squeeze your head, which can cause people to faint. And it comes with two sizes, medium and Large.

Sold and shipped by LeatherUp, as for the manufacturer it is Hawk Helmets, a very well reputed company that produces everything related to biking, jackets, helmets and others.

Price and main features list

It only costs $109.95, a deal in which you could save about 39% of its price. And you can get free shipping on it if you buy 89$ worth of goods from the selection offered by LeatherUp.

  • A modern cool design.
  • Great Ventilation system.
  • Comes with a dual visor.
  • High durability outer shell.
  • Light weighted as it weighs 6 pounds.
  • A detachable front part.
  • Anti scratch outer visor.
  • Inner comfort padding.
  • DOT rated
  • Easy replaceable cheek pads.
  • A Drop Release sun visor.
  • CAPA Certified.

Who is it for?

For those on a tight budget, and wanting to buy a high quality helmet, no need to pay more than a hundred dollars, which is a very cheap price for such an awesome helmet. That makes the helmet the best choice for young bikers who are on a budget.


The price has to be its most attractive advantage, as most young bikers don’t have a lot of money to spare, which was my case, and I had to look for a helmet that combined class, looks, safety and could fit into my budget, so the helmet was my saviour, costing only $107.95 after the discount, it’s the most wallet-friendly helmet there is, with quality to compete with other high end, expensive helmets.

Its aerodynamic design of its visor is great, both modern and smart. And Advanced Hawk Helmet comes with a very easy switch on its left side to drop or lift the visor if the sun is hurting your eyes.

My only take on the helmet that it only has two sizes, medium and large, which can put you in quite a predicament if medium, is too small, and large is too big. Other than that, this helmet is very cost effective, safe (DOT Certified) and has an awesome new black design.

Why you should buy it?

You will not find any other helmet with this level of quality and safety and comfort with this price, a lot of people pay 3 times this price for the same quality helmet. Make the smarter choice and save your cash and get the same quality you want.


Combine its price along with its quality and features; it will turn out to be an economical and smart choice. This great helmet is definitely worth buying.

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