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Daytona Crossover Flat Black Matte Dual Visor Full Face DOT Helmet Review – To Satisfy Your Racing Needs

Daytona Crossover Helmet is a very comfortable yet safe helmet, as its features assure the most comforting motorcycle riding experience, whole being safe. Its ease of use and variety of lenses, and sizes makes it very popular.

Main features list

  • Available in many sizes, ranging from X-Small size to 2 X-Large sizes with circumference sizes ranging from 20 1/8 inches to 25 inches.
  • All of its standards meets or sometimes exceeds the State and Federal D.O.T. Standards.
  • It weights exactly 3.4 pounds, 6 pounds in shipping weight.
  • It comes with easy-to-remove inner parts which can be washed easily without any harm.
  • Outer Shield can be replaced easy.
  • The inner smoke barrier is retractable.

  • Easily adjustable ventilation system, Forehead and Chin.
  • Supplied with the latest latch retention system to insure quick release.
  • Anti-Scratch outer shield.

Who is it best for?

It is the best choice for motorcycle lovers, who want to enjoy their ride while being as safe as possible.

Daytona Crossover Flat Black Matte Dual Visor Full Face DOT Helmet Pros

If you always had problems with the ventilation when wearing a full face helmet, because I had this problem myself, or you didn’t like the hassle of wearing sunglasses underneath the helmet, then Daytona Crossover Helmet is your way out, because it solved these two major problems, as it has adjustable chin and forehead ventilation which is the solution for your ventilation problems, and it comes with an outer shaded visor to save you the hassle of wearing sunglasses underneath the helmet.

Its price is very budget-friendly, variety of sizes, great features and of course, its high durability to withstand heavy duty, there is nothing more you can be looking for in a Full face helmet. Moreover, its anti scratch outer visor is heavy duty, as it can withstand any bumps without being scratched, and if it happens to break, it is easily replaceable without any hassle. And to take it off, you only need to turn two knobs. And lastly, its variety of sizes (X-Small to 2 X-Large) is always an advantage, because whatever your head size is, you will find one that fits you.

Why you should buy it?

It’s very easy to use, as all you need to do is to slide on a tab in order for the visor to go up and down. Bottom-line, the helmet is the best choice you can make while buying a motorcycle helmet.

Daytona Crossover Flat Black Matte Dual Visor Full Face DOT Helmet – Final Verdict

Definitely worth buying, as the Helmet holds the best value for your money. If you think about it, with all the features and advantages it holds, you are actually getting more than you paid for, and it will satisfy all your racing needs.

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