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Hawk Gloss Black Advanced Dual Visor Face Helmet Review – Is The Most Economical Choice

Hawk Gloss Black Advanced Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is a flip up motorcycle helmet. Packed with features which make it compete with the top helmets in the industry, this helmet comes at a wallet-friendly price, however, its quality and features make it equivalent to helmets that costs triple its price, while meeting the DOT standards and regulations.

It is a very sophisticated and comfortable helmet as it has inner padding to comfort your face, so it doesn’t do as most helmets do, squeeze your head, which can cause people to faint. And it comes with two sizes, medium and Large.

Sold and shipped by LeatherUp, as for the manufacturer it is Hawk Helmets, a very well reputed company that produces everything related to biking, jackets, helmets and others.

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HJC CL-16 Helmet Review – For Complete Protection

The HJC CL-16 Helmet is a highly recommended head gear protection for motorcycle users who want to keep themselves safe from serious injuries caused by road accidents. This helmet has a hard, durable outer covering which makes it capable of safeguarding the head and the face against getting injured because of crashing against or colliding with another vehicle when traveling on the highway.

Riding a motorcycle is fast and fun but it requires maximum bodily protection to prevent fatality during accidents. While riding a motorcycle, you are exposed both to the elements and to the danger of colliding or crashing against other commuters. Protect yourself well by using this helmet, which can assure you of keeping your head and face safe if ever a road mishap happens.

It  is manufactured by HJC, a company that has been making helmets for almost 21 years. With its long experience, innovativeness and competitive prices, HJC has succeeded in becoming leading producer of high quality, durable and reliable motorcycle helmets and the number one manufacturer of this product in North America. It now has three laboratories in Korea, China and Vietnam.

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Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth already installed are becoming more and more popular among motorcycling enthusiasts everywhere. There is no better way to keep in contact with your passenger or your buddy on the bike next you than with Bluetooth headsets. In addition if you’re riding alone being able to pair the Bluetooth with your phone or a Zune player is a big plus.

One of the big reasons motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are becoming so popular is that it allows you to have an ongoing conversation your passenger. Let’s face it without a Bluetooth setup inside your helmet your passenger is going to have many mind numbing hours staring at the back of your helmet. Motorcycle helmets Bluetooth just make the ride all that much more pleasant.

Now I know if you already have a helmet you’ll be tempted to buy a kit so that you can retrofit it. This may seem like a good idea and it may actually work, but chances are you’ll find that is a bad fit with the receiver shifting and sometimes falling out. These kits are generally designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, which means it won’t fit all helmets correctly.

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POC Helmets

If you happen to be somebody who enjoys a lot of outdoor sports, then you should seriously consider POC helmets to protect yourself with. The reason why this particular type of helmet has become so incredibly popular is because it helps save lives. This is especially true for people who enjoy a lot of extreme boarding activities in the snow, as well as people who do wheel based sports. POC helmets also has a division that is specifically geared towards helping protect people’s lives.

When it comes to protecting your head, did you really think it makes sense to try to buy the cheapest thing on the market? You see, there are a lot of people out there who really enjoy taking risks whenever they go skiing or snowboarding.

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Flame Reaper – Black Motorcycle Helmet (Half Cruiser Helmet)

Flame Reaper has recently become one of the most popular and in demand black half cruiser motorcycle helmets. Just look at it. Isn’t it cool!

Black Motorcycle Helmet Flame Reaper Half Cruiser HelmetLook closely because this is one of the most cool black helmets around! Notice the dark reaper surrounded by intensive burning flames.

If you are looking for a light weight ABS composite shell helmet with a touch of death harvesting skeleton flame reaper, then you have found it!

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Full Face Karts Helmet – Dual Lens – Double Shields – Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet – Glossy Black

If you want to buy a cool dual lens double shields karts helmet – then this motorcycle street bike helmet is an interesting choice!

This cool motorcycle helmet has an alloy shell made of light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic.

Helmet interior is both removable and washable featuring a heaviy cushioned and comfortable interior.

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