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HJC IS-MAX BT Full Face Modular Helmets – Is The Best Way To Communicate With Other Bikers

HJC IS-MAX BT Full Face Modular Helmet is a very comfortable full face modular helmet, which will allow you to easily communicate with others through its Bluetooth features, or listen to your choice of songs by streaming audio from an Mp3 player or your mobile phone. And it is DOT certified which insures ultimate safety.

It is shipped and sold by Leatherup, and it is manufactured by the great helmet manufacturer HJC, which has offices in china, US and Europe.

Price and main features list

It will cost you $188.99 after the discount, originally priced $209.99, so you could be saving $21 and it comes loaded with a lot of features like

  • Flipping face shield and chin holder.
  • High durability EPS liner.
  • The shell shape is aerodynamic in order to give more visibility.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes.
  • Dimensions are 16 X 14 X 12 inches
  • 7 pounds in weight.
  • 20 pounds in shipping weight.
  • Hard outer shell composed of advanced polycarbonates.
  • CAPA and DOT certified.
  • Built in blue-tooth functionality.

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Vega Altura Full Face Helmet Review – Safety Can Come With Good Looks

Vega Altura Helmet is a DOT/ECE rated helmet, which can guarantee your safety, but with style, as it comes with 9 different coatings and finishes, so you are guaranteed to find something that fits your taste. Built of high quality materials, it comes with an outer shield which is easily used and dealt with, alongside a replaceable and removable liner. And it also comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from Medium to XXXX Large, so no matter what your head size is, you will find the one that fits you and makes you comfortable.

It is shipped and sold under the umbrella of Motorcycle Superstores, which was founded in 1998 on the hands of Don Becklin, which started from the attic of his grandfather’s house. And his passion towards the business made Motorcycle Superstores what it is now.

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VCAN V136 Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet Review – The Head Turner

VCAN V136 Dark Angel Black Small Graphic Full Face Helmet is designed to provide optimum protection and comfort while riding a motorcycle. This helmet is uniquely designed for women motorcycle drivers, and has become very popular with women riders because of its cool design and appearance and the light materials that make it up. It has slight weight, which prevents fatigue on the neck and shoulders.

It is designed by VCAN, a well known manufacturer of sports items, especially helmets. Every year, VCAN produces around two million helmets which are distributed worldwide. The company offers other sports products at reasonable prices.

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IV2 Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review – Your Ultimate Protector

To prevent yourself from incurring serious to fatal injuries in case of motorcycle accidents, IV2Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet will serve as your ultimate protector. Its hard outer surface will protect your head from possible impacts that can cause serious damage. Likewise, the padded inner part of the helmet serves as another protective layer for the head.

This helmet is produced by Ivolution Sports. Inc. This is a company whose major aim is to provide clients with high performing helmets that look great despite their low cost. The company’s owners personally supervise the production of these helmets and production is always under high quality control. This company’s number one concern is to produce items that will satisfy the customers to the fullest.

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Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

Most probably, you have found this buying guide because you are interested in purchasing a full face motorcycle helmet. But, the first thing you should know is that getting a really good product is not as easy as you think. This is because the market abounds with a wide variety of low quality helmets, which cannot provide the best protection even tough they look similar to the prime quality products.

Fortunately, the current buying guide can help you get a good quality item. This is because, unlike numerous motorcycle helmet reviews, which only present the characteristics of certain helmet brands, this guide explains everything you need to know in order to buy the best one.

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Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth already installed are becoming more and more popular among motorcycling enthusiasts everywhere. There is no better way to keep in contact with your passenger or your buddy on the bike next you than with Bluetooth headsets. In addition if you’re riding alone being able to pair the Bluetooth with your phone or a Zune player is a big plus.

One of the big reasons motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are becoming so popular is that it allows you to have an ongoing conversation your passenger. Let’s face it without a Bluetooth setup inside your helmet your passenger is going to have many mind numbing hours staring at the back of your helmet. Motorcycle helmets Bluetooth just make the ride all that much more pleasant.

Now I know if you already have a helmet you’ll be tempted to buy a kit so that you can retrofit it. This may seem like a good idea and it may actually work, but chances are you’ll find that is a bad fit with the receiver shifting and sometimes falling out. These kits are generally designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, which means it won’t fit all helmets correctly.

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POC Helmets

If you happen to be somebody who enjoys a lot of outdoor sports, then you should seriously consider POC helmets to protect yourself with. The reason why this particular type of helmet has become so incredibly popular is because it helps save lives. This is especially true for people who enjoy a lot of extreme boarding activities in the snow, as well as people who do wheel based sports. POC helmets also has a division that is specifically geared towards helping protect people’s lives.

When it comes to protecting your head, did you really think it makes sense to try to buy the cheapest thing on the market? You see, there are a lot of people out there who really enjoy taking risks whenever they go skiing or snowboarding.

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Flame Reaper – Black Motorcycle Helmet (Half Cruiser Helmet)

Flame Reaper has recently become one of the most popular and in demand black half cruiser motorcycle helmets. Just look at it. Isn’t it cool!

Black Motorcycle Helmet Flame Reaper Half Cruiser HelmetLook closely because this is one of the most cool black helmets around! Notice the dark reaper surrounded by intensive burning flames.

If you are looking for a light weight ABS composite shell helmet with a touch of death harvesting skeleton flame reaper, then you have found it!

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